Campbell is an ipicturepeople-5nternationally award winning classical guitarist currently studying in Cologne at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz with Hubert Käppel. In 2015 he studied at the Koblenz International Guitar Academy, and prior he studied as a student of Timothy Kain and Minh Le Hoang at the ANU School of Music in Canberra, Australia. He began studying the classical guitar at the late age of 17, and now 8 years later, he is developing a reputation as one of the leading guitarists of the younger generation.

Campbell has greatly benefited from significant study periods at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena with Oscar Ghiglia, with Carlo Marchione and with Harald Schoneweg (Cherubini Quartett). He has had the privilege of participating in numerous masterclasses with musicians and scholars such as David Russell, Roberto Aussel, Zoran Dukic, Marcin Dylla, Denis Azabagic, Aniello Desiderio, Franz Halasz, Ricardo Gallén, Judicaël Perroy, Thomas Müller-Pering, Pavel Steidl, Roland Dyens.

He has given concerts all around Australia and in Japan, Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, India, Italy, Portugal, France, China, Austria, Serbia, Romania and Greece as a soloist and a chamber musician. He has appeared on ABC Classic FM, ABC Radio National, Radio Uruguay, Fine Music FM and ArtSound radio performing as a soloist and also as part of the Canberra Guitar Quartet, alongside Andrey Lebedev, Callum Henshaw and Andrew Blanch.

Campbell plays on an Antonius Müller Guitar..

He has been a prize winner in many National and International competitions, including:

1st prize, Bach Prize and Brouwer Prize, 25th Koblenz International Guitar Competition, Germany 2017

1st prize Gorizia International Guitar Competition “Enrico Mercatali”, Italy 2017

1st prize Amarante International Guitar Competition, Portugal 2016

1st prize Oberhausen International Guitar Competition, Germany 2016

1st prize 5th Arion Guitar Academy International Competition, Greece 2016

1st prize International Aachener Gitarrenpreis, Germany 2015

1st prize Calcutta International Guitar Competition “Roland Dyens” 2014

1st prize Open Victorian Guitar Competition 2013

1st prize Australian National Eisteddfod Open Guitar Competition 2013

1st prize  Melbourne Guitar Foundation Annual Scholarship 2015

1st prize  Sydney Eisteddfod Open Instrumental Duo competition (with Callum Henshaw) 2013

2nd prize 40th Gargnano International Competition, Italy 2015

2nd prize Nordhorn International Guitar Competition 2016

2nd prize Gevelsberg International Guitar Competition 2016

eq. 2nd prize (no 1st awarded) Oberhausen International Guitar Competition  2014

2nd prize Oberhausen International Guitar Competition 2015

eq. 2nd prize (no 1st awarded)  Altheim International Guitar Competition, Austria 2015

2nd prize 18th Fundatia Romana de Chitara International Competition Bucharest 2013

3rd prize and the Kellner Prize 23rd Koblenz International Guitar Competition, Germany 2015

3rd prize “Enrico Mercatali” International Guitar Competition Gorizia, Italy 2015

3rd prize Rust International Guitar Competition “Alirio Diaz” Austria 2015

3rd prize Daejeon International Guitar Competition 2014


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